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Hello everyone,

It's been over a year since I 've posted anything here.

I've been hunkered down, trying to avoid catching Covid-19, and finding new and exciting things to distract me until the world comes back to normal. I had a chance on Monday to play in Times Square for the opening of a Vaccine Site, just for the theatre unions and their families. If we can do our part to stay healthy, we can get the arts back up and running, and get the New York City economy cranking again.

I am a D'Addario Artist! Through the years, so much has changed in the way of gear, and music styles, but I've always used D'Addario strings, pretty much from the beginning. I've never endorsed any other string. With that in mind, I'm proud that they have resumed making strings, drum heads, and all the other amazing things that they do, after using their factory to make masks and PPE clothing this past year. I've always been of a mind to only endorse something that I use. Rock with Soul Asylum....EXL 170's. Upright on Home For The Holidays...Helicore Hybrids. Tenor guitar with Amy Helm... Phosphor Bronze. Flatwounds with The Demolition String Band...of course, Chromes. All these instruments have been strung with D'Addario strings. I'd like to send a shout out to Reggie and Mike V for making it happen, and giving me the confidence to approach a company that I've always loved.